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Why use Us?

As part of our Pricing structure we take great care and  pride in our work in order to bring our customers 100% satisfaction. We have put together our full premium 7 stage deep clean process to guarantee we give you the best carpet clean which is practically possible.

 You may not realise, but there are many reasons to get your carpets cleaned professionally including stain removal,** sanitation, Hygiene, and deodorising to leave your home fresh, clean and free from dust mites and other harmful substances lurking in your carpet. 

This is essential if you or your children suffer from asthma and allergies.

As well and maintaining the life of your carpet.

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Call Us for all your Local Carpet Cleaning in Daventry.

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How we work.

We will arrange a FREE visit to survey your Carpets then discuss your requirements.

We will apply various stages during the process to achieve the best results possible.

  1. Firstly we vacuum all areas with our extremely powerful cleaning machine and you will be surprised how much dirt etc this will get out alone.
  2. We then Pre-test our specialist cleaning solutions on a discreet small area of carpets to verify suitability. If arranged, We then apply a suitable pre-spotter to any stains followed by a pre-spray to the carpets which is specially designed to break down dirt, bacteria and soiling prior to cleaning.
  3. Next, We use our industrial quality CRB agitator which gently massages our cleaning solutions Deep into the fibres and breaks down the soiling. This is an ESSENTIAL stage you cannot achieve with any Rug Doctors etc.
  4. Now we use our highly professional H.W.E. Hot water extraction machine to deep clean and remove all dust, dirt, dust mites and bad odours from your carpets leaving you with a fresh and healthy home once again.
  5. If required we will use a carpet Acid rinse agent specifically designed to restore the natural PH balance originally in your carpets.
  6. Where possible, we will re-groom your carpet pile to reset the pile and leave it in its best possible condition.
  7. Finally, we use professional high powered air movers to dry your carpets super fast. This can normally leave them 90% dry by the time we leave your home, leaving you free to carry on with your life with as least inconvenience as possible.

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